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The Daily Trend Trader For Forex for  
Trading On Thursday, September 24, 2020

The FREE Daily Trend Trader Report helps to identify the current trend status of your favorite forex markets. It not only helps us stay on the right side of market direction, but also helps to avoid those without a trend. You can use the grid as a spread matrix too - buying strength and selling weakness. For a more detailed explanation Click Here! This page is updated each evening by 7:00PM Eastern Time. If it does not seem to be current be sure to refresh your browser cache: Click Here. Neal's new e-book is available: Buy What's Hot, Sell What's Not. Check out for details.

     THE BIG SIXClose % Change3x17x5
  AUDUSD - Aust Dollar / US Dollar0.7073− 1.340.71810.7296Bearish
  EURUSD - Euro / US Dollar1.1661− 0.411.17321.1827Bearish
  GBPUSD - British Pound / US Dollar1.2723− 0.081.27831.2903Bearish
  USDCAD - US Dollar / Canadian Dollar1.3383+ 0.611.33101.3193Bullish
  USDCHF - US Dollar / Swiss Franc0.9237+ 0.430.91800.9101Bullish
  USDJPY - US Dollar / Japanese Yen105.360+ 0.39104.859105.002Bullish
  AUDCAD - Aust Dollar / Canadian Dollar0.9465− 0.750.95560.9622Bearish
  AUDCHF - Aust Dollar / Swiss Franc0.6533− 0.930.65910.6634Bearish
  AUDJPY - Aust Dollar / Japanese Yen74.515− 0.9675.31276.574Bearish
  AUDNZD - Aust Dollar / New Zealand $1.0797− 0.091.08081.0829Bearish
  CADCHF - Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc0.6902− 0.180.68980.6898Bullish
  CADJPY - Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen78.728− 0.2278.80179.636Bearish
  CHFJPY - Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen114.065− 0.04114.218115.405Bearish
  EURAUD - Euro / Australian Dollar1.6488+ 0.951.63391.6235Bullish
  EURCAD - Euro / Canadian Dollar1.5606+ 0.201.56111.5607Bearish
  EURCHF - Euro / Swiss Franc1.0772+ 0.021.07671.0771Bullish
  EURDKK - Euro / Danish Krone7.4422+ 0.017.44167.4402Bullish
  EURGBP - Euro / British Pound0.9165− 0.330.91790.9171Bearish
  EURJPY - Euro / Japanese Yen122.864− 0.02123.017124.352Bearish
  EURNOK - Euro / Norwegian Krone11.0689+ 1.1510.953410.7333Bullish
  EURNZD - Euro / New Zealand Dollar1.7803+ 0.861.76601.7581Bullish
  EURSEK - Euro / Swedish Krona10.5122+ 0.7610.435910.3874Bullish
  GBPAUD - British Pound / Aust Dollar1.7990+ 1.281.77971.7703Bullish
  GBPCAD - British Pound / Canadian $1.7027+ 0.531.70091.7022Bullish
  GBPCHF - British Pound / Swiss Franc1.1752+ 0.341.17311.1743Bullish
  GBPJPY - British Pound / Japanese Yen134.055+ 0.31133.993135.437Neutral
  GBPNZD - British Pound / New Zealand $1.9422+ 1.181.92381.9191Bullish
  NZDCAD - New Zealand $ / Canadian $0.8766− 0.660.88370.8882Bearish
  NZDCHF - New Zealand $ / Swiss Franc0.6050− 0.840.60970.6129Bearish
  NZDJPY - New Zealand $ / Japanese Yen69.015− 0.8769.65970.644Bearish
  NZDUSD - New Zealand $ / US Dollar0.6551− 1.250.66420.6739Bearish
  SGDJPY - Singapore Dollar/Japanese Yen76.737− 0.1676.81177.144Bearish
  USDDKK - US Dollar / Danish Krone6.3820+ 0.426.34346.2909Bullish
  USDHKD - US Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar7.7500    0.007.75017.7501Bearish
  USDNOK - US Dollar / Norwegian Krone9.4921+ 1.579.33589.0649Bullish
  USDSEK - US Dollar / Swedish Krona9.0145+ 1.188.89828.7890Bullish
  USDSGD - US Dollar / Singapore Dollar1.3731+ 0.561.36501.3613Bullish
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