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The Daily Trend Trader For Futures for   
Trading On Monday, May 20, 2019

The FREE Daily Trend Trader Report helps to identify the current trend status of your favorite futures markets. It not only helps us to stay on the right side of market direction, but also helps to avoid those without a trend. You can even use the grid as a spread matrix too - buying strength and selling weakness. For a more detailed explanation Click Here! This page is updated each evening by 7:00PM Eastern Time.
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 INDICESClose% Change3x17x5
  S&P 500 - Jun ESM92862.00− 0.572860.562851.92Bullish
  Dow Jones - Jun YMM925780− 0.342571625650Bullish
  Nasdaq - Jun NQM97511.50− 1.177530.477480.83Neutral
  Russell 2000 - Jun RTYM91537.60− 1.431548.991541.57Bearish
  US T-Bond - Jun USM9149-22+ 0.17149-23149-18Neutral
  US T-Note - Jun TYM9124-16+ 0.05124-18124-14Neutral
  US Dollar Index - Jun DXM997.824+ 0.1597.56397.498Bullish
  Australian Dollar - Jun ADM90.6872− 0.360.69080.6915Bearish
  British Pound - Jun BPM91.2744− 0.521.28261.2847Bearish
  Canadian Dollar - Jun CDM90.7443+ 0.130.74380.7439Bullish
  EuroFX - Jun ECM91.1186− 0.101.12131.1222Bearish
  Japanese Yen - Jun JYM90.9102− 0.240.91370.9132Bearish
  Swiss Franc - Jun SFM90.9917− 0.100.99350.9936Bearish
  Feeder Cattle - Aug FCQ9145.500+ 1.52143.300144.042Bullish
  Live Cattle - Jun LCM9111.275+ 0.72110.456110.942Bullish
  Lean Hogs - Jun LHM992.375+ 0.1691.46490.625Bullish
  Corn - Jul CN9383^2+ 1.12377^0370^2Bullish
  Wheat - Jul WN9465^0− 0.43460^2452^2Bullish
  Soybeans - Jul SN9821^6− 2.14834^6820^2Neutral
  Soybean Meal - Jul SMN9294.3− 2.52299.8294.1Neutral
  Soybean Oil - Jul BON927.22− 1.8027.3927.08Neutral
  Crude Oil - Jul CLN962.92− 0.2262.7162.52Bullish
  Heating Oil - Jun HOM92.0955− 1.302.09912.0863Neutral
  Natural Gas - Jun NGM92.631− 0.302.6272.629Bullish
  Gold - Jun GCM91275.7− 0.821289.11284.8Bearish
  Silver - Jul SIN914.388− 1.0414.62714.544Bearish
  Copper - Jul HGN92.7385− 0.352.74302.7417Bearish
  Orange Juice - Jul OJN996.75− 5.61102.7799.97Bearish
  Sugar - Jul SBN911.55− 1.9511.7511.68Bearish
  Cocoa - Jul CCN92353− 0.8023342319Bullish
  Coffee - Jul KCN989.00− 2.8990.8190.00Bearish
  Cotton - Jul CTN965.99− 1.2166.4866.36Bearish
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