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video.jpgBob Hunt - developer of the Pattern Trapper Cutting-Edge Indicators Library and creator of the Pattern Trapper On-Line Trading Course and the Advanced Short Term Trading Strategies One-On-One Mentoring Program.

Bob_sm.gif"Ever since the service began in 1999 the personal aspect that I've enjoyed most about working with other traders is that it forces me to develop a deeper understanding of why I trade the way that I do. Before I can explain the process to anyone else I must have a very clear understanding of it in my own mind. Working with other traders forces one to confront their own beliefs about trading, and in the process, makes them a better trader.

My overriding objective has always been to make these trading techniques as easily understood as possible. If you should ever have any questions about the cutting-edge indicators, the on-line course, the one-on-one mentoring program - or even the trading methods used in general, please don't hesitate to contact me."

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Phone: 952-892-5550.


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"I have found your service to not only be accurate but extremely educational. It is the perfect tool to use to create a winning game plan for the following day's trade. All material is presented clearly and backed up with detailed explanations of the methodology being used.

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