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Chapter Three - Additional Tips, Tricks & Techniques
Section Three - Range Projection Levels (Excerpt)

TD_04B.GIFRange Projection Levels are used to determine likely support and resistance for an entire day's worth of trading. Whereas Pivot System Levels are used to determine where important shifts in market psychology may occur on an intraday basis, Range Projection Levels are used to help describe the outside limits of trading for an entire day of activity. We use them as another tool to help us create structure out of unstructured market occurrences. They are simply a means of judging where we might go from where we already are.

For the Pattern Trapper Approach to Short-term Trading, we use two sets of numbers to describe this probable range. The Normal Range Projection Levels define the outer limits for a typical trading day. The Extended Range Projection Levels describe the outer limits on more volatile days when the Normal Range Projection levels are exceeded.

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