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iStock_000007063964XSmall.jpgExpand your trading knowledge base even more by including a number of internal market measurements that help gauge with even greater accuracy the probabilities for the market's next move. If you don't have two monitors we can simply establish the second screen as a separate workspace within your single screen trading environment.

This program consists of 9 hours of one-on-one mentoring sessions (conducted via the internet) and a 30 day lease of all JumpStart Dual Screen Program indicators. Also included are two workspace chart layouts (Intraday & Big Picture), and a detailed 32 page lesson plan describing each indicator and setup used along with 35 charts to assure full comprehension of each trading scenario. Be sure to check out the Trading Videos Page, which feature actual trade setup, order entry, and trade management using real-time market data.

Available for both the Tradestation© and NinjaTrader 7© platforms. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the programs offered.   E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     Phone: 952-892-5550

Click on the "Buy Now" button for secure payment via credit card or PayPal account. To pay directly by credit card and avoid using a PayPal account click on the appropriate "Buy Now" button below and then look for the link that reads "Don't have a PayPal account?"

JumpStart Dual Screen Mentoring Program
            (includes 9 hours of one-on-one mentoring and 30 day lease of all indicators)

After 30 days you can either purchase individual indicators or lease the entire package at the following rates.
            Post-Mentoring Indicator Package Lease Rate - Quarterly $555
            Post-Mentoring Indicator Package Lease Rate - Semi-Annually $995
            Post-Mentoring Indicator Package Lease Rate - Annually $1,755
            Post-Mentoring Indicator Package Lease Rate - Lifetime $3,325

Afterwards many clients like to touch base once a week to ask questions and as a check on progress.
            Additional One-On-One Mentoring - 3 hour pkg @ $185/hr. $555
            Additional One-On-One Mentoring - 6 hour pkg @ $165/hr. $990
            Additional One-On-One Mentoring - 9 hour pkg @ $145/hr. $1,305
            Additional One-On-One Mentoring - 12 hour pkg @ $125/hr. $1,500


Due to the extensive use of additional real-time data series, it is recommended that the Dual Screen program be conducted on the TradeStation® platform, where each is easily available. If you would instead prefer to use NinjaTrader® please be sure that you have the following data series available: NYSE Tick, NYSE Trin, NYSE Advance Decline Difference, DJIA Tick Index, E-Mini S&P 500 Premium Index, Put Call Volume Ratio All Products, CBOE Volatility Index, NYSE Advancing Issues Volume, NYSE Declining Issues Volume, and S&P 500 Up-Down Volume Difference. The Single Screen program may be more practical for you if any of these are not available.
Refund Policy: For all mentoring time purchased the user may end the series at any time and receive a refund on the unused portion. For refund purposes the unused portion of the mentoring series is calculated by subtracting the sum of hours mentored (plus one hour for indicator and workspace prep time, which is normally free) at the hourly rate of  $195 USD from the total package price paid.

 Schedule a no‑obligation  on-line tour of the Jump  Start Program & find out  how you can train with:

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NO up-front costs for charting & real-time data.
. . . OR . . .
 NO platform fees for 1st 90 days. Free Data for the 1st 60 days. $500 commission rebate good for 60 days. 

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